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Richard Jones

Glass glowing is often compared with dance, for its physical nature and demanding timing. There is a play of elements which must come all together perfectly in order for the work to succeed, seeming at once enviable and vaguely unsettling. 

My work is grounded in the faith that insight which is beyond words can manifest itself through physical creation and the belief that artwork with integrity has the capacity to communicate something beyond the sum of its parts, which is wordless--that a work is able to be a finger pointing at the moon. My inspirations come from other vessel making traditions, particularly east Asian decorative arts, but mostly from trying to ask the right questions and letting myself be surprised. 

Current Works





Chabana  mixed media


mixed media

Requiem for Ice(berg)  blown and cast glass

Requiem for Ice(berg)

blown and cast glass



Berg Jar 1  blown and cast galss

Berg Jar 1

blown and cast galss

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