Theresa Abel, Gallery Owner and Art Director




“Some art I love in my living room. That fabulous ceramic dog by the fireplace is by Marlene Miller and there is some terrific ceramics on the coffee table by Charlie Olson, Stuart Gair, Ryan Myers, and Zac Spates.”




Above the fireplace is a grouping of oil paintings by Jonathan Wilde, Ann Orlowski, and Kelli Hoppmann. On the mantle we have work by Ryan Myers, Paul Nitsche, Andy Rubin, Chris Gustin, Monica Rudquist, Richard Jones, Tim O'Neill, and Peter Pincus.






The large oil painting is by Madison artist, Diane Washa. I love spending time with it, especially over coffee in the mornings. The two small framed prints to the right of the door are by two lovely old friends, Paul Nitsche and Rachel Davis.







Ann Orlowski, Assistant Art Director




This is my living room, where we binge Netflix, have family snuggle time, play with legos, and relax together. A room this busy has to be stuffed with artwork, some artists you may know from Abel Contemporary include Kelli Hoppmann, Gregory Schulte, Mary Ulm Mayhew, S.V. Medaris, Ryan Myers, Kay Myers, Briony Morrow Cribbs, Delores Fortuna, Don Kauss, and Joanne Kirkland.




 I have been collecting artwork and objects depicting hands for many years, and I always enjoyed displaying these pieces in my bedroom because touch is such an important expression of intimacy.




Lately when I have been waking up in the morning I look at this collection of hands, many created by friends and colleagues, and I think about how touch has become taboo in our current cultural circumstance. I find it counter to my most basic instincts to avoid contact with friends and family especially during times of need, but I am comforted to be surrounded by these objects which were created by the hands of so many talented artists.





A few artists you may know from Abel Contemporary are the white doll hands by Debbie Kupinsky, night light by Richard Jones, “Hands and Feet 3 - The Lamentation” by Theresa Abel. There are also works from Timothy Dooley, Sarah Spolum, Dede Bangs, Raeleen Koa, and a foot sent to me from my dear friend Amy Kay, also my father crochet the blanket on our bed.








Lauren Miller, Gallery Associate




Living room: I live in an apartment in a high-rise with my partner and our two cats. With both us primarily working from home during this time, it’s been a funny sort of dance to find our own space to work in the living room. Admittedly, I’ve been working primarily from the couch, my view is of my lovely Kelli Hoppmann painting and collection of chickens, you may recognize two S.V. Medaris prints. 











My home is full of altars that I rearrange at least every few months. This vignette surrounding my  bookshelf features a painting by by Jonathan Wilde, a sculpture by Ryan Myers, a sapling I received from a workshop with Richard Jones, and a collaboration piece by Aderic Donavan and Andy Rubin. I seek to create spaces throughout the apartment that I delight me every time I look at them. 




When I really need to focus or want to paint I work from my desk, which is actually the base from a trophy case from an old opera house in Denver CO with a piece of glass placed on top. The three Charlie Olson pieces you see nestled into my collection of natural objects, were what introduced me to art collecting when I first started working at Abel Contemporary Gallery. I really enjoy holding them, something about the smooth contours makes me feel centered and calm. A lot of the objects in this tableau are pleasing both to the eye and the hands-- when I hit a creative wall, feeling their weight and texture (and energy for all those who believe in that) help me regroup my thoughts and find my direction.





Our bedroom is pretty minimally decorated. I like to have a monochromatic space to rest and reset my eyes and mind as I am falling asleep, first thing when I wake up, and while doing yoga. If you look closely you’ll see a Kelli Hoppmann drawing I found under the flat file storage, last year when cleaning out storage in preparation for our move to Stoughton.








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