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Karl Borgeson

Karl Borgeson's current work takes two overlapping directions. He produces utilitarian pots intended for everyday use and more sculptural but still functional covered vessels. He is particularly intrigued by textiles, baskets, tribal masks and vernacular architecture witnessed during recent travel in West Africa and Indonesia. Inspiration comes in many forms but usually manifests itself subtly and abstractly.

Although Borgeson hand builds some pieces, most are wheel thrown and some are altered to create squared, oval or triangular forms. To satisfy his minimalist instincts he restricts his color palette using just two slips and four glazes. Borgeson uses two clays (stoneware and porcelain) which results in slightly different color responses. Surface embellishment, when employed, incorporates basket weave imagery, checkerboard patterns or parallel lines. Subtle surface variations, color and texture are achieved by the addition of wood ash to the surface of the pots before loading and the introduction of a small amount of salt at the end of the firing.

Available Work

524 East Main Street • Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589 • 608-845-6600 • Located just southeast of Madison