Garden Scenery Vessel (Cats, Chickens, Raccoon, Squirrels) $285

ceramic 8 x 8.5 x 8.5


Joanne Kirkland

My Midwestern Home    

The woods and meadows come alive with creatures wild and domestic.  The rich soil of this middle part of the continent comes alive with creatures real and imagined.  Stories have woven their way into my backdrop of life in my Midwestern home. It’s one thing to have domestic animals for food and enjoyment and another to protect them from the wild animals that would have them for dinner.  It is a delicate balance still learning to accept the natural law of the land.  Predator and prey, all must eat to survive. My backyard is a home to both.  

Backyard campfires are a most ancient form of entertainment. Sometimes we build a fire to cook, sometimes just to watch the flames interacting with each other.  While watching those flames, we tell stories, talk about things and with the friends that gather round the fire let it interweave our thoughts and stories that bring us together.  


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