Beretun IV
28 x 13 x 6.5


Ernest Miller

As a maker inspiration comes from field landscape, farm implements, and architectural features such as barns found in the Midwest as starting points for ceramic vessels and glaze surfaces. Observations of source material may be interpreted literally or sometimes abstracted using elements to complement functional or sculptural forms. Growing up on a farm in Southern Illinois instilled the virtues of utility, where the everyday use of a tool or piece of equipment was relied upon. I often think of the role they fulfill with humanity. They are tools for storing or turning soil as pottery is for eating and drinking. I feel a kinship with these rural icons. This has brought me to appropriate line and surface of these influences into sculpture and pottery.

While working I seek lines that best convey clarity of idea with minimal information considering form and surface. With the barn forms I strive for a feeling of being monumental with little adornment. With cups I reference signage found on the side of silos by stamping and carving a flat plane on both sides to inlay with glaze. This plays a role as visual design element as well as grip points for fingers to find and hold.

Pieces usually begin on the potter’s wheel and later hand altered and trimmed. Once dried and bisque fired they are coated with glaze and finish fired to 2,250 degrees Fahrenheit in an electric kiln.

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