Sapelle, African mahogany, walnut, black locust, white oak, acrylic paint
48.5 x 20 x 15.5


Barry Newstat

”I can’t not make things.”   When David Rakoff, one of my favorite authors and essayists wrote it, he was obviously writing about himself.  But he could have been writing about me.  “I can’t not make things.” 

I’ve always made things; I started when I was very young.  And even then, I would lose myself in the art of making things.  I made a bowl from Honduras mahogany on a lathe when I was in junior high school.  Mahogany is quite cooperative, it’ll do what ever it’s asked.  That was the first time I worked with wood, a joyful experience.  In what turned out to be perhaps my dad’s most enlightened parenting moment, he bought a lathe for me, and together we started buying small pieces of wood from around the world.  In a way, Barry Newstat Furniture began when I began my life’s work, 1n 1971.

I’ve been making furniture since 1987.  I focus on the wood itself, spending hours searching for the most unique lumber I can find.  I make real furniture; a chair is a chair, a table a table.  And I make it the right way, using traditional craftsmanship, solid joinery and silky smooth finishes.  My furniture is created from the heart, and I still get lost in the art of making things.  My hope is it will be admired for its beauty and taken advantage of for its function; it will make a home a warm, inviting and inspiring place.  And when taking a closer look, you’ll say out loud “wow, look at that.”

Current Works

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