Graft Ring $1,200

inner tube, silver, 24k gold


Tim O'Neill, Jewelry

The current crisis within our economic system has prompted me to investigate a new body of work dealing with the US financial crises brought about by greed and mismanagement.  Placed within the context of body adornment and using traditional metalsmithing techniques and materials, these issues represent an ongoing dialog between practical and theoretical ideas encompassing 3-D expression and object making.

Current Works

Rain Barrel Necklace $250

inner tube, silver

Paver Ring SOLD

inner tube, silver

Brother Can You Spare a Dime SOLD

sterling silver, dime, dollar bill

Pyramid Scheme SOLD

sterling silver, dollar bill

House of Cards SOLD

sterling silver, credit card

Let Them Eat Cake SOLD

sterling silver, food stamps

In God We Trust SOLD

sterling silver, dollar bill

Grape Necklace

necklace, enamel, gold

Chiquita Corp

cast banana, enamel

Candy Coated Cavities

necklace, enamel

Ronald Pomander


Meat Charm Bracelet


There's a Flounder in My Tomato




Peas in a Box

ring, enamel, gold

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