Landscape Vase $570



Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons' forms range from traditional vases and bowls with tightly controlled shapes to stretched, playful versions of traditional vessels which exploit the fluid nature of the hot glass as they are created. His botanical training and experience shows up in his work in the earthy colors, decorative designs, and in the soft, organic nature of some forms.

His years as an electron microscopist have left him with a kind of perceptual dyslexia; a disabled sense of scale. Simmons sees life in layers. He sees a tree, he sees the layers of bark and wood, the layers of cell walls and all the tiny mechanical apparatus inside the cell. Simmons sees the tiny robot ribosomes crawling along the DNA strand inside the nucleus. He sees the Earth and sky and the tree caught between and he loses perspective. The layers are all the same scale in his head.

Simmons tries to bring a sense of this, the perceptual dislocation, the distortion and blending of size and scale, to his art. Glass is a marvelously pliable medium. A pattern trapped inside a cane for murrine will shrink almost to oblivion as the cane is drawn out. Then, when the murrine are picked up and blown out on the surface of the vase, the pattern magically reappears, stretching like a face in a Funhouse mirror. An entire universe can be enclosed in a small paperweight, or a microscopic fungal flower can be brought up large and electric blue to stand on your desk.

Current Works

Parrot Wave Plate $2,200


Green Aventurine Pair $245 each


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