Pat Kroth

The process of "making," handling and manipulation of the materials is an important element of my work. This has lead to the creation of a series of contemporary fiber artworks, which include tiny fiber fragments, found objects and sheer overlays. Sometimes the surface vibrates with the allure of colorful candy wrappers, toys, buttons, feathers, and fortune cookie fortunes. Fibers, threads, and objects have been  found, discovered, donated and otherwise acquired and incorporated into the work.

The abstract fiber art works utilize color, texture and movement to explore a variety of themes. Sometimes the work incorporates recognizable shapes and symbols. Working spontaneously, I create entire surfaces of color using fiber and textural elements. Each work is energetically machine stitched. I truly feel that I am "painting" with fabric and thread.

Music and or personal experiences often provide the inspiration for my work. Cool jazz on a stormy winter night or perhaps a run or bicycle ride on a hot windy day. Family, friends, a good book, a vivid lightening storm - any of these, all of these can become the catalyst for a new series of explorations.

-Pat Kroth


Current Works

Silent Rain $2,000

fiber 56 x 26

Inside Out (detail)


6858 Paoli Road • Paoli, Wisconsin 53508 • 608-845-6600 • Located just southwest of Madison