Sand In Accordance to Water (Diptych)
color reduction woodcut
$3400 framed (set)


Nick Wroblewski

Nick Wroblewski is a Midwest based printmaker specializing in hand cut wood block prints. He studied art at Bennington College in Vermont and later taught himself the technique of relief printmaking. Majoring in painting and sculpture, Nick combined elements of the two and found himself deeply intrigued by the many possibilities within printmaking. He has been busy creating new images with woodblocks since 1996. 

Nick traveled in his childhood with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre. The group toured down the Mississippi River, performing in every state from Minnesota to Louisiana. This early experience greatly influenced his desire to work within the arts. He grew up in a community that supported the arts and is still deeply connected to the artists that have helped inspired and encouraged his development. 

In 1993 he interned with Jim Henson Productions. Here, Nick continued to explore his interest in puppetry sparked by his time with the circus. He worked with many different puppet construction techniques and used the experience to further his sculptural design skills.

In 1994 Nick traveled to Brazil to work in conjunction with Swallows and Amazons, a jungle tour company located in Manaus. It was here that he began a thorough commitment to producing work through printmaking. Nick developed a series of prints of the local flora and fauna that ultimately were used in a tour guide book.

After college, Nick continued to produce woodcut prints during his various work experiences. He has worked with a timber frame building company as well as with a landscape design company. During all of his employment, Nick continually developed his skills and techniques with printmaking. In 1999 he participated in The Neu Erth Worm Farm Artist In Residence Program. This Residency resulted in the creation of a series of black and white prints inspired by his experience within a specific environment.
He now uses his many traveling experiences as his main inspiration, always gathering information and subject matter for his prints. Most recently in 2002, Nick spent the winter in The Northwest Territories of Canada, producing many woodcuts of the landscape and its inhabitants. His work is usually derived from the natural world and he is deeply committed to the continual exploration and development of his artistic growth.

Currently, Nick has a studio in Viroqua, Wisconsin. His prints can be seen in magazine illustrations, galleries, and art shows. He shows work at galleries in Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin and art shows throughout the country.

Current Works

Evidence of the Whole - Sold out

color reduction woodcut 29 x 36

Wood, Water, Stone $1,100 

color reduction woodcut 28 x 36

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