Burst Necklace

silver, brass

Burst Post

silver, brass


Leah Staley

"Originally from Pennsylvania, I studied fine arts at Edinboro University where I was introduced to metalsmithing and lake effect snow. After graduation, I decided I needed a change of scenery and climate, so I made my way south to Baltimore, MD to take a turn with corporate America. Though the weather was favorable, the career choice was not, so with the support of family, friends and an amazing mentor, I decided to embrace my true passion and reconnect with my creative side. My experience in Charm City was wonderful and felt embraced by the creative community, but the universe had other ideas in mind. Now, settling into my new home of Milwaukee, WI (I guess subconsciously, I really missed snow) I'm continuing to develop my style and skill as a jeweler and creator. Taking a cue from my surroundings and paying homage to a family legacy of trade metalworkers, my work is a mix of industrial and organicl. Sterling Silver, with occasional highlights of copper and brass, provide the modest beauty and wearability that I strive for in my designs. Surface treatments are kept minimal to allow the natural beauty of the metal to represent itself and accentuate the wearer rather than distract. I love to create pieces with smooth transitions, unique connections and sleek lines, which combine to make a casual yet elegant product. All of my pieces are personally hand fabricated in my Milwaukee studio."

-Leah Staley

Current Works

 Folded Earrings  gold over silver

Folded Earrings

gold over silver

 Silver Comma Earrings  silver

Silver Comma Earrings


 Pass Through Circles  silver

Pass Through Circles


Peaked Open Necklace

silver, silver or brass

Clamp Bracelet $122


Pass Through Hoop

silver, copper

6858 Paoli Road • Paoli, Wisconsin 53508 • 608-845-6600 • Located just southwest of Madison