Kay Myers

I am interested in the current relationships between humans and animals and the natural world we live in. There seems to be a rift that grows ever deeper as technology becomes more available to us and more important and we, as a society, move further away from our Agrarian roots. My references for creating this work include animal menageries, cabinets of curiosity, natural history museums, and my own excursions into the outdoors.

I am fascinated by the obsessive compulsion of man to control and manage nature. The ever evolving and changing landscape of both the city and the countryside captivate me.  Patterns and textures are revealed as cities are laid out and expanded upon and similarly become apparent as land is parceled and worked in farming. These interwoven environments influence not only the patterning and textures of my sculptures, but also the meticulous way in which the work is constructed and detailed.

Beauty is important to me as well. It is found in the quiet moments one can experience outdoors. I hope to inspire the viewer to question their own relationship with nature and hopefully, even for just a moment, turn away from the many screens that distract our attention in modern life and look again at the magnificence of the world around us. 


Current Works

Past Work

524 East Main Street • Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589 • 608-845-6600 • Located just southeast of Madison