Productive Bodies
Chelsea Thompto

January 11th - March 3rd, 2019

Opening reception, Friday January 11th, 5 - 9p.m. (Snow date Saturday January 12th, 5 - 9p.m.)

 Productive Bodies explores questions of visualization as violence, technology in relation to the body, and how we conceive the boundaries of the self. In order to explore more deeply these concepts, I am looking to another body caught up in similar questions, the river, more specifically: the Mississippi. The river I grew up next to and who has been subjected to so many western technologies of seeing and modification with the goal of making it known and useful for western militaristic and economic development.

 A multimedia project culminating at Abel Contemporary as a procedurally generated video, this project explores the ways in which the Mississippi River and trans bodies have both been subject to violent visualizations from political, capitalist, colonial, and other actors. Using personal narrative, found archival footage, and more, this project draws the viewer into an affective exploration of what it means to inhabit a body subjected to such forces.