Procedure for Submitting Work to the Abel Contemporary Gallery

Abel Contemporary accepts submissions by mail only, DO NOT e-mail proposals

We recommend you visit the gallery or browse the website before submitting work.  This will help you determine if your work is an appropriate fit for our gallery.

Please mail the following materials:

  • Artist Resume, along with a brief description of the work.
  • Images: Digital images in .jpeg, .png, or .tiff form or quality print-outs.
  • Please include a title page with titles, media, and dimensions of each piece.
  • An Artist statement or letter of intent is recommended
  • If you would like your materials returned to you, please include a self addressed stamped envelope.


Address materials to:

                                                Abel Contemporary Gallery
                                                Attention: Ann Orlowski
                                                6858 Paoli Road
                                                Belleville, WI 53508



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6858 Paoli Road • Paoli, Wisconsin 53508 • 608-845-6600 • Located just southwest of Madison